In July 2017 and March 2018, in partnership with New York University and the University of North Carolina, Breakthrough piloted an on-the-ground campus initiative called the Action Lab. A total of 37 students from 24 colleges in 9 states came together with renowned media experts to design iconic disruptive actions that challenged gender-based violence on their campuses and in their communities. Students are the experts on their campus culture, student body, and what their college or university needs to be a safer space for all.

We just helped make action happen.


An entirely free program thanks to the generous support of The Oak Foundation, Breakthrough’s Action Lab:

    • Trained students to recognize and dismantle the harmful cultural norms that lead to gender-based violence
    • Incubated student-led action to create a world in which all can live with dignity and respect
    • Sharpened participants’ expertise in the media representation of gender
    • Connected like-minded students with experts and resources 

For more information, or to bring a custom Action Lab to your campus or community, please contact us at

A special thanks to our partners and contributors:

The Oak Foundation; New York University’s Department of Media, Culture, and Communication; The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill; The Carolina Union; Jimmie Briggs; Candis Cox; Jaclyn Friedman; Shruti Ganguly; Jamilah King