Black, Indigenous, and other youth of color, especially girls, are chronically mis- and underrepresented in mainstream media. Their stories are routinely told for them, not by them.

With your support, we are amplifying their lived experiences and dreams, in their voices and on their terms.

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As a society, we consume culture. It's an integral part of everyday life. Culture consumption is where Breakthrough seizes the opportunity for change.

For twenty years, Breakthrough's multimedia campaigns have sparked conversations and transformed norms around gender, sexuality, racial justice, and immigrant rights.

In our latest initiatives, we are putting the voices, dreams, and creative expressions of girls and youth of color center stage. We're also creating spaces for artists and activists across generations to connect, build their skills as media-makers, and drive narrative and cultural change.

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These artists and activists are reclaiming their narrative and transforming media and pop culture. Our mission is to help them succeed.

Other Ways You Can Support Our Work

Filipina-American Artist: Eutalia De la PazBecoming a monthly supporter provides Breakthrough with ongoing support that allows us to know we can regularly support more By & For artists, Our Stories activists, and others harnessing the power of media and storytelling for change.

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We also gush over fan mail so if you've been particularly moved by a program or campaign and want to tell us about it, we'd love to hear from you!

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We have a responsibility to help and heal each other, and to shape new narratives and institutions that address past harms, starting with the media and pop culture we consume and create.

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