Be That Guy

What if everyone spoke up against injustice?

…or even just against offhand comments that disrespect women?

Even the smallest “No way, bro” can go a long way toward making discrimination and violence unacceptable and making the world a nicer place for all of us to live.
WATCH what happens when this bird gives it a whirl.


That guy can be anyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. That guy can be YOU. That guy is not a superhero. Or even a regular one. That guy is just the one who listens to his inner voice and then uses his outer voice to say, “Can we not?” In fact, 8 out of 10 guys are uncomfortable when women are disrespected—but they think they’re the only ones.


It’s not just you. Speak up! Because you know that even random offhand sexism is not cool–and that letting it go fuels (at least gives a pass to) other kinds of disrespect and discrimination, even harassment and assault. Because you stand for something better. Because you figure that if everyone feels safe, respected, and able to be their best selves, everyone wins. And because you know what? When you step up, the rest of that 80% will be right there with you.



Matt from Consent is So Frat is creating a movement of sororities and fraternities committed to challenging #rapeculture in their communities.


“Speak up when your friends joke about sexual assault and rape because it’s not cool!” – Chad


“If you don’t say anything, you are, by your silence — it’s acceptance. I’m not going to be silent.” – Terry Crews