We produce and uplift media—and media makers—rooted in dignity, equality, and respect.

Announcing We Count!

A multimedia campaign by and for youth of color, to make their votes and voices count.

Our Mission

Breakthrough is a global human rights organization driving the culture change we need to build a world in which all people live with dignity, equality, and respect. We do this using a potent mix of media, arts, and tech with an intersectional feminist approach.

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A Look Back at Representation in 2020: 8 Ways Black Hair Matters

How Will We Continue This Fight in 2021? By, Lauren Stockmon Brown  *This piece is published as part of By & For: Black Youth, a written series ...
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LGBTQ and Women Mental Health During COVID

Mental Health Issues Increase for Women and LGBTQIA+ Folx During COVID-19

If you're feeling overwhelmed, increased anxiety, or newfound feelings of sadness or depression, you're definitely not alone. The effects of COVID-19 aren't just physical; they're ...
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MCNP: Former tennis pro, Katrina Adams, tells us her post-election liberation dreams

This piece is published in partnership with the My Colorful Nana Project as part of By & For: A Podcast Community, a series of podcast partnerships to uplift the ...
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Mobilizing the 2020 Youth Vote: An Interview with Kellen Edmondson, Field Director of HeadCount

Interview by Doyin Oladipo & Edited by Zahra Chaudhry This piece is part of We Count!, a multimedia campaign to build the civic power youth of ...
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