Black Women Are Tired Of Being The Mule Of America

As Black women, we often find ourselves in situations where we are forced to hold our identities and lived experiences at the intersections of oppression and marginalization. We tend to live — depending on where we as individuals plot on the axis of privilege — from the perspective of our places of dis-privilege.

Recently, I took part in the second annual Defend Black Women March co-founded by Trinice McNally and Dr. Jaimee Swift. This march was distinct because it sought to weave together the struggles of Black women across the diaspora by centering Black women from Latin America and the Caribbean. While we have been included in the continuous fight for civil rights since the 20th century, we are rarely, if ever, the focal point for the necessity of protection or defense. We serve as the supporting cast of characters, and our struggles and safety are not enough on their own for other communities to show up in solidarity.

Lewis, Nakisha M “Black Women Are Tired Of Being The Mule Of America,”

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