Black Women Are Tired Of Being The Mule Of America

As Black women, we often find ourselves in situations where we are forced to hold our identities and lived experiences at the intersections of oppression and marginalization. We tend to live — depending on where we as individuals plot on the axis of privilege — from the perspective of our places of dis-privilege. Recently, I…

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Beyonce, Lizzo Set New Standard for Fixing Ableist Lyrics

“When you know what it feels like to be harmed, and you have a platform and you take responsibility and you immediately get to work on righting the wrong, you not only are doing your work, but hopefully continuing to set an example,” said Nakisha Lewis, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Breakthrough, a…

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Defend Black Women March to Honor Lives Taken by Gender-Based Violence

The self-proclaimed Black feminists in charge of assembling the second annual gathering come from various backgrounds. Trinice McNally, Creator & Creative Director of The Defend Black Women March and the I Support Black Women Campaign hails from London, England by way of Jamaica as a grandchild of the Windrush generation. Jaimee Swift, the Executive Director…

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3 books that celebrate the Black experience to read this Juneteenth

Ashton Jackson for CNBC Make It Juneteenth is a 157-year-old holiday that celebrates the liberation of Black Americans from slavery. It’s also an annual reminder of the systemic racism, oppression and brutality Black people have faced in America. However, if you’d like to spend the holiday enjoying stories about Black empowerment, triumph and purpose, Nakisha Lewis,…

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Designer Melody Ehsani’s Latest Collection Honors ‘Black Women in Defiance’

Thomas Waller for Yahoo! finance Designer Melody Ehsani has joined forces with “I Support Black Women” campaign founder Trinice McNally, Black Women Radicals founder Jaimee Swift and national media organization Breakthrough to launch the “Black Women in Defiance” charm bracelet. The bracelet honors 10 Black women activists and historical figures from the U.S., Latin America,…

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“What we don’t see, what we don’t hear, we cannot humanize,” she said. To that end, Lewis explained that without charity through the lens of humanity, our most vulnerable populations will remain so. Reid, Pauleanna, “Meet The Black Queer And Trans Women Making History With Radical Approaches Toward Nonprofit Work,”, March 30, 2022,

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Our Stories in Vivid Color: Black Histories and Futures

Are you a storyteller? A social justice warrior? In this dynamic conversation hosted by the LA County Library, Breakthrough President & CEO Nakisha M. Lewis speaks with Brittany Armstrong and Lauren Stockmon Brown about how Black women and girls are driving culture change, and how their histories and futures intersect with queer, disabled, and diasporic…

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