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Anti-Abortion Misogyny: It’s Never About the Children

Last Thursday, while driving my fifteen-year-old daughter to school, she asked, “Mom, why do men hate women?” We had been discussing Alabama’s anti-abortion legislation, and she was keen to better understand why politicians would pass laws that criminalize girls and women. She was especially horrified that rape victims — some younger than she — could be forced to carry a rapist’s baby to term.

By Monica Casper


Celling Our Future: The Trump Administration’s Efforts to Worsen School Discipline Disparities

This week I went with a friend to court as he contested a ticket he received because he just happened to be driving while Black. The night he called to recount of his being pulled over, I was angered as the details spilled from his mouth and grateful that he was not killed by those charged with “protecting and serving” their fellow citizens. How perverse are such rituals? How troubling are such norms? Yet, “this is us.”

By Kevin Lawrence Henry, Jr., PhD