Meet Norm, Norma, Sam, and Oscar, college students at BreakthroughU.

In this three-part narrative video series featuring puppets, you will follow Norm, Norma, Sam, and Oscar as they navigate their lives, identities, relationships, and activities on campus. The videos deal with gender-based discrimination and violence in the very tangible ways they occur in the lives of the characters.
Culture Change 101

Oscar’s boyfriend is abusing him, and reaching out for help hasn’t been easy. Sometimes we feel powerless as a result of our overlapping identities – as though it is impossible to change our circumstances. But the parts of his identity that make it difficult for Oscar to seek help actually make him a powerful ally in other contexts. Through an intersectional view of privilege and oppression we can all access power in ways we never knew were possible!

The intersectionality video asks us to think about all kinds of issues – which makes sense! Learn more about intersectionality here, and check out Breakthrough’s other resources on thinking beyond bystander interventionwhy everyone needs to be involved in the fight to end gender-based violence, and how you can challenge common practices of GBV on campus.

Gender Norms 101
Intersectionality 101

Remember, we want you to use these videos to create change on your campus. We know that you’re ready to take action and make gender-based violence unacceptable, and want to make sure you have all the tools and help that you need to get started.