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He is “one of the most influential black writers and thinkers of our time—a beautiful, intentionally complex feminist activist writing liberatory futures,” says prominent activist Janet Mock. He has been named one of Ebony magazine’s Power 100, The Root 100 and Planned Parenthood’s 99 Dream Keepers. His new book, No Ashes in the Fire, is an O Magazine top book of the…

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Generation Z: Where do we stand?

Currently, our country is as divided as ever. In the United States, we see open racism, homophobia, white supremacy, and hate crimes. But we also see a lot of people waxing poetic about my generation, calling us a beacon of light for the future. Are we? It’s hard to think of an entire generation as…

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Holy Patrimony

Following the rise of freedom of sexual identity, gender fluidity and relationship nonconformity, there has been a recent decline in traditional, heterosexual marriage in the western world in which I reside. The way my peers discuss marriage has changed drastically since my childhood. Growing up, I just assumed that I would get married because that…

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Social Justice Activism in Sports

Athletes are more than just players on a field, teammates on a court, or partners in a match. Athletes use their voices and actions through their respective sports. Professional athletes from all around the world have either faced or witnessed problematic instances of social inequality. Social justice and sports have collided for decades and formed…

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