Our culture is driven by dignity, equity, innovation, and integrity. We make these values actionable through partnerships and collaboration, and strengthen them through continuous reflection, impact measurement, and learning.




  1. We commit to creating and upholding a safe, inclusive, and affirming environment both on and off set, where individuals are free to express their identities as they so choose.
  2. We have confidence in the capabilities and intentions of our colleagues and stakeholders, and we give and receive constructive feedback that reflects this mutual trust and respect.
  3. We hold ourselves, our colleagues, and our stakeholders accountable for unconscious biases and privileges and make space for learning and growth.


  1. We commit to collaborating with Our Stories participants not just as cast members, but as co-creators.
  2. We develop the leadership capacities of all Our Stories participants through trainings, workshops, and innovative skill-building.
  3. We are an equal opportunity employer and strive to recruit and maintain a diverse crew, creative team, and advisory board.


  1. We use and value both traditional forms of media, art, culture, and technology and new and disruptive mediums and strategies.
  2. We collaborate with both likely and unlikely partners across industries and services, provided values are aligned.
  3. We create and implement learning and evaluation measures in order to assess our impact, learn from our mistakes, and apply these lessons to our future initiatives.


  1. We follow through on our commitments to our colleagues and stakeholders.
  2. We use resources ethically, optimally, and without personal benefit.
  3. We do not partner with or accept support, resources, or funding from sources whose values do not align with our own.