Community Guidelines

We know that you are thoughtful folks looking to have meaningful discussions on important issues. You are members of and advocates for a powerful community, and you show up for each other online, across all our digital platforms, every day.


If you’re here, you were either exploring those platforms on your own and ended up here, or you were sent here after posting a comment that got our attention. Either way, hi! And here’s what you need to know:

We have THREE core values: dignity, equality, and respect.

And we have ONE rule: treat all the people you encounter through Breakthrough’s platforms with that same dignity, equality, and respect.

That goes for commenters, storytellers featured in our media, and us— the people behind Breakthrough!

Even though these are virtual spaces, the people you encounter are real, with real feelings and real lived experiences. We work to make sure these spaces are as supportive as possible for you by removing comments that are hateful or threatening. We also ban or block users who we perceive are intentionally trying to create a culture of bigotry, shaming, or intimidation.


We really LOVE when you:

Ask thoughtful questions

Share related articles, resources, and stories

Challenge each other — and us — to be more inclusive

Send genuine support to other members of the Breakthrough community

Breakthrough’s mission is to drive culture change, and dismantle the cultural norms that lead to violence and discrimination. That means that often, of course, we will need to share stories that detail violence and discrimination, in the hopes of starting conversations that lead to greater change. As much as possible, we try to provide content notes for everything we share, so you know exactly what you’re clicking.


We have a zero-tolerance policy for victim-blaming, transphobia, homophobia, racism, xenophobia, ableism, and misogyny. Intimidation, harassment, targeting, and threats of violence are also not tolerated. 


We’re only human — sometimes comments fall through the cracks. If you see something that you think violates our community guidelines, you can help us by flagging it for our immediate attention. Send a DM to Breakthrough’s page or comment and tag Breakthrough, and someone will take a look ASAP!


We do our best to make sure that our online platforms — including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, The G WORD, and beyond — are places where you WANT to engage with other like-minded advocates. 


It’s YOUR community, so thanks for keeping it a place where you want to spend your time.