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America 2049: Good Day Every Day: Labor Rights in America 2049

"Good Day Every Day," America's primary news show in 2049, discusses allegations of labor abuse at one of the nation's largest companies. Divided We Fall, a rebel group, interrupts the program with another perspective from workers demanding labor rights. This fictional show is part of the game America 2049. America 2049 is Breakthrough's first-of-its-kind transmedia thriller, bringing human rights into Facebook games and new audiences into action for human rights. The multi platform experience parachutes players into the year 2049 to help change the direction of America today. America 2049 is the first game to integrate the world's largest social networking platform with original videos and graphics, clues planted across the Internet, and real-life events. It features appearances by celebrity actors Harold Perrineau, Victor Garber, Cherry Jones, Anthony Rapp, and Margaret Cho, who donated their time to help put a face on complex issues. By immersing us in a virtual future, America 2049 inspires us to build a real America with human rights for all. Play now:
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