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Be That Guy: Green Bay (ABC News Clip)

Be That Guy: Green Bay is a 30 second animation set at Lambeau field calling on Packers People--and everyone-- to challenge violence against women, even in its tiniest everyday forms. This animation played at the Green Bay Packers’ home games in October 2014 and played through the NFL season. ABC news covered it and interviewed sports fans about it. "Be That Guy" (#bethatguy) is an initiative by global human rights organization Breakthrough. That Guy knows that even street harassment or nasty comments create and sustain a culture of inequality that enables everything from disrespect to violence. That Guy -- even by saying, "Dude, knock it off" -- is breaking the rules of that culture and helping create a new one in which all people are treated respectfully and able to be their best selves. The #BeThatGuy initiative debuted in an animated PSA that ran 72 times at the NASCAR Miami Speedway Championship in November 2013, reaching enormous new -- and receptive -- audiences and generating coverage in The Guardian, The Good Men Project, and more. It went on to show at other major events including the Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500. #BeThatGuy represents Breakthrough's mission to inspire men and women around the world to take action to make violence and discrimination against women unacceptable. Be that guy. Join the Breakthrough Generation.
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