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Be That Guy: Mating Calls of The Male American Beerfinch

Research shows that 80% of young men feel uncomfortable around discrimination and disrespect against women. It's not just you. Check out this brand-new animation calling on your to hold yourself and others accountable for making disrespect, discrimination, and violence against women unacceptable. We've all been there. You're at a party and there's someone running their mouth and being disrespectful. Everyone rolls their eyes, but no one DOES anything. What's that about? It's the latest in our #BeThatGuy series encouraging people to actually DO SOMETHING. If you're feeling uncomfortable, chances are someone else is, too. Let's start a movement of people who aren't afraid to call out their friends when they act out. Why is this important? Because harassment and nasty comments create and sustain a culture of inequality that enables everything from rudeness to violence. Share this video and message with your friends!
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