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Be That Guy: Racing Fans Edition

That Guy--like many men--sees women as equals. But That Guy is NOT silent when men treat women otherwise.That guy stands for something better. That Guy is the MAN. "Be That Guy" (#bethatguy) is a new initiative by global human rights organization Breakthrough. That Guy knows that even street harassment or nasty comments create and sustain a culture of inequality that enables everything from rudeness to violence. That Guy -- even by saying, "Dude, knock it off" -- is breaking the rules of that culture and helping create a new one in which all people are treated respectfully and able to be their best selves. #BeThatGuy debuted in an animated PSA that ran 72 times at the NASCAR Miami Speedway Championship in November 2013, reaching enormous new -- and receptive -- audiences and generating coverage in The Guardian, The Good Men Project, and more. #BeThatGuy represents Breakthrough's commitment -- as in its global Ring the Bell campaign -- to inspiring men and women around the world to take action to make violence against women unacceptable. Animated by Arthur Metcalf Produced by Dana Variano
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