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Join The Breakthrough Generation: Make Violence Against Women Unacceptable

Violence against women is a HUGE problem. What can YOU do about it if you’re not Bono or Ban Ki-moon? Meet four changemakers who—inspired by Breakthrough—stood up and said NO to violence against women and girls in their families, communities, and beyond. - Sir Patrick Stewart was inspired to share his story to launch Breakthrough’s global call to challenge violence against women. - Dean Obeidallah was moved by Breakthrough to create his comedy show “DUDES AGAINST VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.” - Hari was inspired by a Breakthrough training to launch his radio show. - Shilpi wanted to stay in school, and a Breakthrough training emboldened Shilpi’s principal to stand up for her. Want to learn more? Want to get involved? Sign up at Produced by People's Television, Inc. ( and Ishita Srivastava (Breakthrough)  
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