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One Million Men_One Million Promises: Rajan Anandan, Managing Director of Google India, Rings The Bell

On March 8th, Rajan Anandan, MD of Google India, made his promise to Ring The Bell and help Indian women pursue their entrepreneurial dreams by only investing in startups that have women co-founders in 2013. Ring the Bell: One million men. One million promises calls on men worldwide to promise to take concrete action to end violence against women. Men and women together have responded with outrage to recent dramatic acts of violence from Delhi to Cairo to Steubenville. We know that effective laws, courts, and cops are essential -- but they are not enough. We need individual and community action to challenge the habits and norms that perpetuate violence. Together with our partners in South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, and more, we will secure one million promises in one year, starting March 8, 2013 (International Women's Day). With men as leaders and partners, we can build a world in which women are safe — and in which all of us live freely, fully, and without fear. Make your promise today: • • • Together we can build a safer world.  
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