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Restore Fairness: Checkpoint Nation

Early one morning, Maria—then nine months pregnant—and her family were stopped by the police for no discernable reason. A special breakfast outing became a nightmare—and at one of the most intimate moments of her life, Maria found a team of immigration agents—not her husband—by her side. Maria's chilling story is the centerpiece of "Checkpoint Nation? Building Community Across Borders," a powerful new documentary that depicts the reality of post-9/11 racial profiling and its subsequent impact on women — as mandated by laws such as SB 1070 in Arizona, which are now being imitated and implemented nationwide. Set in the U.S./Mexico border area near Tucson, Arizona, a region that sees more and more migrant deaths every year, the video explores the trauma that women, especially those forced underground and made invisible, face across America. And while we talk of a "war on women" that includes issues of reproductive and economic justice, what we don't see is the war on immigrant women as part of a sweeping crusade against the fundamental rights of all women living in the United States, documented and otherwise. It's time for us to protect the true American values of diversity and democracy, dignity and respect. Because when we deny due process and human rights to any one group of people, especially a vulnerable group like immigrant women, we put all of our rights at risk. Tweet this: I'm here to support the human rights of all women in the United States. Are you? Watch Maria #imhere #immigration #waronwomen
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