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Restore Fairness: Death by Detention

Sandra Kenley was a 52- year-old grandmother who had lived legally in the US for 33 years. But one day, all that changed when she was taken into a detention center to face deportation proceedings. Suddenly the life as she knew it was being taken away from her. But it got worse. For the hundreds of thousands who have gone through immigration detention centers, many - especially women - have suffered because of a denial of basic medical care, abuse and neglect. Sandra eventually died, and as her sister June Everett says, "because the American system failed her, a system we believed in, a system that needs fixing now." Watch the video and see the damage our broken, inhumane immigration system causes to women, families and communities. It's time for us to protect the true American values of diversity and democracy, dignity and respect. Because when we deny due process and human rights to some people, we put all of our rights at risk. We're here to stand up for the rights of all women in the United States. Are you? Tweet this video: I'm here to support the #humanrights of all women in the US. Are you? Watch June: #ImHere #immigration #waronwomen
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