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Restoring The Right To Due Process: A Transgender Detainee Speaks Out

Courage comes in many different forms. For Esmeralda a transgender asylum seeker from Mexico who faced horrific circumstances in immigration detention, it came in the form of seeking justice. Kept in a segregated cell with other transgender detainees, she was abused and traumatized beyond belief. Esmeralda never realized that her experience in detention would match the trauma of discrimination she had faced back in her home country. Watch the video to learn her ordeal, and to see the damage our broken, inhumane immigration system causes to women, families and communities. While the "war on women" is about reproductive and economic justice ---- it's also about an escalating war on immigrant women ---- that is part of a sweeping crusade against the fundamental rights of all women living in the United States, documented and otherwise. It's time for us to protect the true American values of diversity and democracy, dignity and respect. We're here to stand up for the rights of all women in the United States. Are you? Tweet this video: I'm here to support the #humanrights of all women in the US. Are you? Watch Esmeralda #im here #immigration
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