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THE G WORD: Transforming gender norms, one story at a time

Meet THE G WORD, Breakthrough's ground-breaking global transmedia storytelling project about gender. Gender norms divide us. Stories unite us. Stories help us make sense of our choices and ourselves. Stories make the private public, showing us how our personal challenges are often not just individual, but societal. Stories poke holes in and offer alternatives to accepted wisdom and mainstream messages. Stories inspire us to expand or shift our point of view and see ourselves in others. Stories cause the friction that sparks change. Stories enable us to see one another as fully human. With THE G WORD, our individual stories combine to tell one big story: the story of gender, norms, and the power we have to break through them—and build a world in which we are all our most authentic selves, valued equally, safe in our relationships, and respected by our communities. Let’s use our stories to forge empathy and compassion: the most powerful antidotes to discrimination and violence. Let’s use our stories to expose and interrupt the status quo: stereotypes and inequalities, discrimination and even violence. Let’s use our stories to envision new norms, and imagine something better for each of us and for us all: a world where we all enjoy our full human rights, and our full humanity. Tell your story:
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