The Next Step In Breakthrough’s Journey

March 15, 2021

The Board of Directors of Let’s Breakthrough (USA) and the Board of Trustees of Breakthrough Trust (India) are pleased to announce the following major milestone in the growth of our organizations. 

For more than twenty years, Breakthrough has worked in unity of mission between our two organizations to drive culture change for human rights. The organisations have shared a President and CEO, a common brand and logo, and a set of common values and standards of operations.  We have done this work—with local, national, and global impact—from locations in two of the world’s largest democracies: India and the United States. We have grown from one tiny team to more than 150 staffers across our two organizations, and we are both still growing. 

The past few years, and especially 2020, have reminded us that social institutions require constant and contextualized response strategies and interventions. This, combined with the need to scale our programs, will see each organization focusing attention inwards, and directing energies towards (re)building entity-specific leadership and governance structures. Starting March 15, 2021, our two organizations will reset our cooperation agreement, enabling each to pursue country-specific programs and mandates, which will be independently led, managed, and governed while remaining strategically aligned toward achieving our mission to end violence and promote human rights.

We are so proud of our unique approach and indelible impact. For us, resetting our respective leadership and governance structures as a moment of change means increasing our ability to provide the needed impetus to enhance that impact—and we cannot wait. Let’s Breakthrough (US) and Breakthrough Trust (India) rededicate ourselves to our collaboration and our mission.

We thank all our well-wishers, donors, and stakeholders for their unstinted support and we look forward to a continued association.