We produce and uplift media—and media makers—rooted in dignity, equality, and respect.

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A multimedia campaign by and for youth of color, to make their votes and voices count.

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Breakthrough is a global human rights organization driving the culture change we need to build a world in which all people live with dignity, equality, and respect. We do this using a potent mix of media, arts, and tech with an intersectional feminist approach.

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Black Joy

Why Black Joy is Important According to 10 Young People

By Gloria Oladipo Black joy is revolutionary. Black joy is essential. Black joy reminds us that there’s more to Black life than pain and suffering, ...
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A Look Back at Representation in 2020: 8 Ways Black Hair Matters

How Will We Continue This Fight in 2021? By, Lauren Stockmon Brown  *This piece is published as part of By & For: Black Youth, a written series ...
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LGBTQ and Women Mental Health During COVID

Mental Health Issues Increase for Women and LGBTQIA+ Folx During COVID-19

If you're feeling overwhelmed, increased anxiety, or newfound feelings of sadness or depression, you're definitely not alone. The effects of COVID-19 aren't just physical; they're ...
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MCNP: Former tennis pro, Katrina Adams, tells us her post-election liberation dreams

This piece is published in partnership with the My Colorful Nana Project as part of By & For: A Podcast Community, a series of podcast partnerships to uplift the ...
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