Jarrett Key is a Brooklyn based artist whose work integrates movement, heightened language, and music predominantly. They are a recent grad from Brown University, where they double concentrated in Theater Arts and Public Policy. Jarrett is primarily a Producer and Director/Choreographer for theater, music, and dance. Since their arrival to the city, Jarrett has integrated visual and literary art into their body of work. Jarrett enjoys telling stories and engaging the community in the moments they create in their work.


Jarrett Key: I think finding your voice is an important journey for everyone. I definitely am still on that journey. I’ve come a long way, though. I [found my voice] starting with church and singing in the choir and understanding that I could take up space when I was a kid in that way. Being a queer person in that environment is sort of complicated. But finding some sort of agency and satisfaction in the things that I was saying and the way that I was enjoying my performance of myself was kind of exciting.