Mark Travis Rivera is the artistic director and founder of marked dance project, a contemporary dance company for disabled and non-disabled dancers based in New York City. Founded in March of 2009, Rivera became the youngest person in the United States to artistically direct and found an integrated dance company. Having performed throughout the tri-state region, MDP aims to break barriers and expose audiences to the various possibilities of what it means to be a dancer.


Mark Travis Rivera: I was born an artist. I think artists are born creatives. I was born premature. My mom gave birth to me at five and a half months. I weighed one pound. And during the birthing process, I developed cerebral palsy which affects me from the hips down. My life experiences have all led me to this moment. How do I use my voice? How do I use my artistic abilities for change? I was born an artist. I was born a storyteller. That’s what I do.