Don't call the police

We fight for a liberated future

Dear friends,

There is so much to unpack, so much we want to express and don’t have the words to say, knowing that sometimes words just are not enough. 

Almost a year has passed since the murder of George Floyd. Almost a year until reaching the final verdict: Derek Chauvin. Guilty. On three counts. Still, Chauvin’s conviction remains the exception, not the rule. This was a rare moment of holding a police officer accountable.

It has been and will continue to be our collective responsibility to push for a liberated future free of oppressive and violent systems.

As a team, we are asking ourselves how to do more and achieve sustainable change fueled by the power of art and media from young voices. We believe it to be possible. We know it to be necessary.

We will not rest. We will fight to dismantle harmful teachings where “protectors” come decorated with guns and tear gas. We look to the organizers, crisis workers, educators, and all of those who are devoted to the wellbeing of our people.

Black and brown people are worthy of enriched, joyful, wholesome lives, and we stand alongside the true heroes who will make it happen. We vow to build upon and create new ways that lead us closer to a safe and liberated future.

To the Black community, we are holding you in our hearts. You are loved. You are worthy.

In friendship and service,

The Team at Breakthrough

Please see a list of alternatives to calling the police, organized by region, at

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