immortalize. by Caela Collins

In honor of National Love People Day, I have immortalized your love in this letter:

I’ve loved you long before you merged your presence with my life. It’s a giving-love where reciprocation is balanced. We collided, not as two halves but two whole beings. We are all of ourselves both together and apart. 

I wake up to your protection, allow my rage to ease alongside your patience, and mirror your x-ray vision in ways no man-made machine could review. 

I don’t mean being bare-breasted in your gaze, I mean being bare-chested in ways you were welcomed into the depths of my inner child’s heart. I’m safe here, I can tell by the way my simple smile brings your soul shining joy. 

When I speak, you hear all the undertones of past heartache, where remnants of ex-lovers configured themselves into a graveyard of dormant pain. You forged a brave path, holding a small torch high of hope as you trudged through my roughest terrain.

When I speak, only you can hear the hidden unresolved anger, brewing beneath this poker face. You have the fortitude to unravel me during my worst storms and loosen the sails to keep me afloat. 

When I speak, you feel the knee-buckling fear of abandonment that’s too prideful to admit that your presence feels like home. I feel heard and you make it seem like my words are far more poetic in the way you analyze our communication. 

You’ve reached my core and there are no layers left to uncover. The way you fight for us replicates a medieval knight and no matter how bruised egos may get from two imperfect lovers, you stand strong. You would go to any battle for us. You are my shield & your innermost composition is of the highest quality more than any awarded metalsmith could craft. This love must have spanned centuries because it breaks barriers. You’re human but this feeling you adorn me with is eternally supernatural.

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