immortalize. by Caela Collins

In honor of National Love People Day, I have immortalized your love in this letter: I’ve loved you long before you merged your presence with my life. It’s a giving-love where reciprocation is balanced. We collided, not as two halves but two whole beings. We are all of ourselves both together and apart.  I wake…

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Artist’s Comic Honors Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

AAPI Mental Health

TRIGGER WARNING: This article and comic mentions thoughts of suicide and depression Anna Nguyen (she/her) is a young Chinese/Vietnamese American artist, member of Breakthrough’s program, By & For, and monthly contributor to Mixed Mag. She uses art as an outlet to speak about the intersection of social justice and mental health and transforming her personal…

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Hum@n L!teracy | International Literacy Day

Hum@n L!teracy by Caela Collins She learned to read people long before she earned a credible amount of literacy skills to properly read a book. The curvature of everyone’s lips as they ricochet off one another turns out phrases like turned chapter pages. Disconnected FaceTime calls from failed WiFi systems leave you gasping at the…

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Muslim Writer, Najma Hashi, Combats Negative Stereotypes in Media

Najma Hashi (she/her) is a member of By & For, writer, and curator of the blog Representation Matters, which is inspired by her experience as a Muslim woman and advocates for better representation of BIPOC folks in media. Recently, Najma created an e-book that explores how media can shift people’s perceptions on a large scale…

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What the 1995 Beijing Women’s Conference Was Really Like With Mallika Dutt

In 1995, the Fourth World Conference for Women in Beijing resulted in a global agenda for change from a feminist standpoint. Breakthrough’s founder and leader in the feminist movement, Mallika Dutt, meets with Ponny White, a child care policy analyst and reproductive justice activist from Minnesota, to discuss takeaways from this historic event.  In this…

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Commemorating Pride with Nia

Nia Asemota

During our #QueerYourPride campaign, Breakthrough uplifted the joy, determination and activism of the LGBTQIA+ communities with a Digital Quilt. By & For contributor Nia Asemota produced this beautiful artwork highlighting the essence of Pride Month. Nia sought to depict “the power of loving without limits” and she has done so successfully with 3 visible examples…

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Allies Promise by Caela Collins

#QueerYourPride Caela Collins

I may not say all the right things. I won’t always be the first to know or understand.  I will never feel the true weight of your burdens or carry your individualistic fears.  But I will not abide by any pride that human nature has allowed to reside within me.  I won’t use loving words…

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Daddreaming by Caela Collins

Caela Collins Father's Day Poem

I saw him standing there and wondered what he was thinking. I often wonder what runs through people’s minds when they stare into that blank abyss in the distance that lays before them. He could’ve been thinking something deep & meaningful like him thankfully combining through his blessings. His mind might’ve been wandering the concrete…

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The Depression Came (Comic) by Anna Nguyen

Anna Nguyen By & For Comic

This piece is first and foremost dedicated to Anna’s self-resilience and bravery as well as her friend Jilleen who helped “to rewrite the narrative Anna [I] was spinning about my depression and mental health.” Breakthrough seeks to share and uplift the works and experiences of BIPOC young adults navigating through all aspects of life. In…

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