Season 2, Episode 5: Richard Pryor’s Smith College professor daughter & granddaughter discuss the ‘N Word’ & respectability politics

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Season 2, Episode 5: “History of the ‘N Word’ & Respectability Politics”

Our first Mother-Daughter debut. Founder, Lauren Stockmon Brown hosts a special episode featuring Richard Pryor’s daughter and granddaughter, Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor and Lilli Stordeur. Famous 1970’s comedian Richard Pryor had his own journey around the “N word,” and current Smith College Professor, Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor explains how her father disavowed his own use of the word. Dr. Stordeur Pryor shares how studying her father’s use of the “N word” is a triangulation of her personal life, research and classroom teaching. An intimate conversation that focuses on “true allyship,” “familial ties,” “respectability politics,” and of course, a Black mother and daughter’s relationship to their own hair. Learn how the lack of language that, particularly, Americans face when attempting to describe and teach the “N word” relates to the lack of understanding regarding a Black woman’s relationship to her own hair.

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  1. Clare on February 13, 2022 at 11:13 pm

    So great to see you here Elizabeth with your daughter!
    How time goes by so fast and kids grow up. I keep your mom in my prayers daily

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