Cheyenne Leonard | Accessibility Advocate

Cheyenne is a Latina, former Junior Paralympian, actress/model, student, and accessibility advocate from the West Coast. Drawing from her mother’s unyielding support, she began to combat systemic injustices during her youth.

When faced with a school district’s discriminatory policy that prevented her from participating in track and field, with the claim that her disability was a “health hazard” to others, Cheyenne decided to fight back. She launched a campaign that legally granted students with disabilities the right to compete equally with their able-bodied peers.

Her advocacy for more accessible spaces did not stop there.

After relocating to New York, she notices the blatant lack of accessibility for people with disabilities. However, her strength drives her to carry on, connect with others who face similar accessibility challenges, and continue to advocate for accessibility via the power of media.

“Representation matters within the media,” says Cheyenne, “we need to hear diverse stories and diverse voices so that we know what everyone is going through and can help others to live their greatest lives.”

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