Diana | Double-Immigrant Exploring Identity and Indigenous Roots

Artist Diana Castro

Diana Castro (she/they) is a queer, immigrant, woman of color from Los Angeles. Their ethics were shaped by their mother’s dedication to being a childcare worker. Despite working hard, the family faced challenging livable conditions and discrimination due to a language barrier. Diana often assisted their parents in times of need. Eventually, the family decided…

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Kailey | Dominican-American Educator Helps BIPOC Students In Queens, NY

Kailey, Our Stories In Vivid Color

Kailey (She/Her) is a Dominican-American young woman living in Queens, New York. Kailey reflects on her experience growing up as a person of color navigating two cultures who is passionate about family, community, and representation. She explains that her identity is multifaceted and that her family is made up of different virtues and practices help…

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Summer | A Musician From Hawaii to a Predominately White University

Summer, Our Stories In Vivid Color Storyteller

Summer (she/her) is a Armenian, Japanese and Jewish musician who speaks about her experience carrying a rich and colorful palette of identities and time as a student in a predominately white university. Being from Hawaii, where only 2% of the population is White and mostly comprised of people of color, the transition to a mostly…

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Brittany Armstrong | Disability Advocate and Mindfulness Practitioner

Brittany Armstrong

Brittany Armstrong is as a Black woman, disability advocate and yoga and mindfulness practitioner. Like many others, everyday life changed for Brittany as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Rather than continuously dwell on her increased fears, Brittany used this as an opportunity to stay positive during pandemic and used mindful practices, such as yoga.…

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Cheyenne Leonard | Accessibility Advocate For People with Disabilities

Cheyenne is a Latina, former Junior Paralympian, actress/model, student and accessibility advocate from the West Coast. Drawing from her mother’s unyielding support, she’s learned to champion herself and combat systemic injustices since her youth.  When faced with a school district’s discriminatory policy that prevented her from participating in track and field, with the claim that…

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