M.O.T.H.E.R. by Caela Collins

Caela Collins Mother's Day Poem

by Caela Collins (in dedication to my mother Valerie) Childhood Mother, mother there is no Other Together we share the same color Hair Even though there’s a lot of  Rules So what I think you’re cool!I Love You! Adulthood Most of all, I want to say thank-you. No matter how Overly elaborate the words of…

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Tree Girl’s Budding Thoughts by Caela Collins (Part 1)

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

Part 1 By Caela Collins Like Trunks We stand tall and Like their stumps, sometimes we fall short. In moments of despair, we bow our heads deep down into our shoulder blades and weep Like Willows. Like blowing leaves, We shiver in the frigid wind when it grazes our epidermis. We stretch to the morning…

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Meet By & For Artist: Anna Nguyen

Anna Nguyen Artwork

Anna Nguyen is a young artist, Breakthrough youth ambassador, and monthly contributor to Mixed Mag, a digital multimedia publication dedicated to uplifting creatives of color, celebrating multicultural/multiethnic identities, and featuring intersectional perspectives in various areas. Anna uses art as an outlet to speak about the intersection of social justice and mental health and transforming her…

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Welcome to By & For: Black Youth!

Since 1999, Breakthrough has been at the vanguard of harnessing the power of media, arts and tech to spark radical culture change. Working in the U.S. and India, we have used pop culture vehicles like music videos, video games, and stand up comedy to promote human rights at the intersection of gender equity, racial justice,…

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