A Tale of Two Traffic Stops in the United States

Today the Organization Issued the Following Statement from President and CEO Nakisha M. Lewis: On June 27, 2022, a young Black man named Jayland Walker was murdered by police officers in Akron, OH. Walker, who was unarmed, was shot at over 90 times, with at least 60 bullets striking his body, ultimately causing him to…

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We Need to Talk About Cosby: Breaking Through the Noise of Rape Culture

Last week, We Need to Talk About Cosby, a revelatory four-part docuseries, debuted on Showtime. It is the latest in a series of film and television projects to take on rape culture… The documentary does the important and difficult work of explaining Bill Cosby’s notable contributions to art and media without shying away from the truth we know about Cosby now: that he is a serial rapist and predator whose abuses span decades.

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Episode 2 of ‘Just Breathe’: Combat Holiday Stress

The holiday season can trigger depression and cause one to feel overwhelmed. With the right tools, you can have a stress-free season! The host of our series Just Breathe, Brittany Armstrong, has three simple tricks to combat holiday stress. 1. Know Thy Calendar Brittany suggests that one of the best ways to stay stress-free during…

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Check Out Our New Series on Mindfulness!

Brittany Armstrong at Breakthrough

We’re proud to introduce our newest series about mental health and wellness, Just Breathe. Your host Brittany Armstrong, a Black, disabled wellness practitioner, will help you live your best life through tips and guided exercises throughout the series. In episode one, Brittany introduces mindfulness as a technique where someone gives their full attention to the…

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Eutalia | Filipina-American Artist

Eutalia is a proud Filipina-American that celebrates her culture through her artwork, “A lot of what I do includes my background as a Filipino-American and really just telling stories through charismatic women,” she says. Approaching stories with playful perspectives and vibrant color palettes, her art centers on bold and flirty women inspired by the women…

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By & For: Powerful Women in Activism

Eva Malis Artwork

Everyone has an active role to play in addressing society’s injustices. For activists that make this work a primary focus of their lives, that responsibility can sometimes be greater, challenging even, but evermore rewarding. These women women explain what their activism work means to them, the process of that work, and how they take time to recover.

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Meet Nia Asemota: Artist Contributor to By & For

ArtxNia Asemota #thisisblackjoy

Cover art by Nia Asemota Nia Asemota is a young artist, technical instructor for Black Girls CODE, and contributor to By & For. “My artwork is the epitome of my inner personality- bold lines and bright colors. Through my cartoon realistic pieces, I seek to pay tribute to my dynamic cultural heritage as an Afro-Latina…

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